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Welcome to the March for Science in Columbus Ohio! Why are we marching for science? Science is the foundation of our modern life and economy.

We believe that:

* government policies for healthcare, education, environmental protection, agriculture and food safety should be based on scientific evidence;
*everyone deserves clean air, clean water and a safe food supply;
*climate change, ecosystem destruction and pollution are urgent problems needing fact-based answers; and
*scientific truth should never be censored.

Unfortunately, right now many of these principles are under attack. The March for Science began as a grassroots effort supported by citizens and scientists concerned about changes in federal policy and the proposed federal budget that could threaten critical scientific work by federal agencies. Additionally, many researchers have expressed concern that research on climate change, clean energy, environmental health and other disciplines has been targeted for politically-motivated suppression. We are marching to draw attention to these important issues and remind the public why science is so important to our society.

March information

Location: Downtown Columbus, OH
Time TBD

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